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Think of Switzerland as a picture perfect postcard that is real! Instagram dreams in Switzerland are practically everywhere you look, from the world famous Matterhorn (does Toblerone ring a bell?), to fairytale valleys which inspired fantasies like Lord of the Rings, to an infinity of snow capped mountains, pristine alpine lakes, super cute wooden mountain huts, rivers that rush down from glaciers, rock faces which tower above valley floors, villages where no cars exist and it’s just Mother Nature showing off her best.
There is so much more to Switzerland than cheese which melts in fondue pots left & right, chocolate pralines which are almost too beautiful to eat and watches which mark the time with unerring Swiss precision. Switzerland is also full of colorful traditions which are alive, a country where Hiking is a national sport and skiing is the second thing kids learn after walking, and a place where people can experience nature up close & personal.

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Swisstagram is a platform where I can share information and tips about traveling, visiting and discovering Switzerland and all it’s most hidden corners.
It is my passion and privilege to help design your adventure travels, tell your stories and reach your audience, through tourism promotion, marketing campaigns, brand collaborations, tour & retreat guiding and other creative efforts.
I am local and I know the places, on & off the beaten path; I know where to stay and where to sleep, when to go where, what’s happening when and how to efficiently plan and manage all the logistics of your vacation or professional time in Switzerland.

Think of Switzerland as a picture perfect postcard, and you get to dive into it, live it, breath and taste it! Experience the fresh air, the sparkling turquoise lakes, the snow capped mountains, the grass which is greener than green, the super cute wooden mountain huts, the cheese which melts in fondue pots left & right, the snow which dresses everything up in winter-wonderland white… there is so much variety all year round