A passionate world traveler, outdoor lover and team LIVE LIFE NOW!I    was born in Italy, grew up in different countries across Europe, North & South America, and always wondered where i’d end up eventually. 

Well, the answer is Switzerland – the alpine state – where I started a serious love affair with Mother Nature and opened my eyes to breathtaking and inspiring views that unravel deeper meaning in my Life.

A bench with amillion dollar view!

Hike after hike, adventure after adventure, I discovered the most beautiful corners of this country, it’s mountains, the people, I learned about the culture, I went mountaineering, I took all my friends with me, I slept in mountain huts, I skied in fresh powder snow and I never passed up an opportunity for an adventure.


Along the way, I realized my phone was bursting with unreal images and more & more people were turning to me to ask for recommendations, where to go, what to do and what to see. I started organizing retreats in the mountains and have brought people to some incredible places  – which not even the Swiss knew about – imagine that! Then I realized that I had enough experience  and knowledge to share with others and provide a unique and unforgettable experience – which aligns with my motto to “live life now” and capture as many shots as possible to share with others.


My wish is to share this Swiss-dream with others in whichever way I can, whether it’s planning your trip to Switzerland, helping to tell your stories, create content, memories, scouting locations for photoshoots, organizing mountain retreats… I know Switzerland and I can be your local contact. Think of me as your Swiss expert.